Wann sind 100% Balkendiagramme nützlich?

I’ll begin this blog article by answering the question that appears in the title. I’ve found that 100% bar graphs, designed in the conventional way, are only useful for a limited set of circumstances. Unlike normal stacked bars, the lengths of 100% stacked bars never vary, for they always add up to 100%. Consequently, when multiple 100% stacked bars appear in a graph, they only provide information about the parts of some whole, never about the wholes and how they differ. Therefore, they would never be appropriate when information about totals and the parts of which they are made are both of interest, though normal stacked bars often work well in this scenario. I’ve found that 100% stacked bar graphs are only useful in three specific situations, which I’ll describe in a moment.
— Stephen Few

Ein ausführlicher Artikel von Stephen Few über seine Ansichten, wann die 100% Balkendiagramme nützlich sind. Wie immer ist Stephen Few sehr konsequent und fast schon kompromisslos in der Verteidigung und Begründung seiner Ansätze und Alternativen. Interessant ist auch die Diskussion in den Kommentaren zwischen Stephen Few und Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic (Autorin des Buches "Storytelling with Data").