67 Jahre Lego Bausätze

There are many of us—errr, people—who build stuff with Legos at all ages. Having grown up with loads of hand-me-down Legos (and having a Lego Wall-E sitting on my desk right now), I started to wonder how Legos evolved from the sets I remember from my childhood to what they are today.

As an analyst, I turned to data for answers. I found a dataset on Rebrickable (a site that shows you which Lego sets you can build from the sets and pieces you already own), which contained information on the color, number, and type of pieces in each Lego set for the past 67 years. I used Plotly and Mode Python Notebooks to explore the data.
— Joel Carron — Customer Success Analyst at Mode

Quelle: Mode Blog

Quelle: Mode Blog

Was dabei heraus kommt, wenn sich ein Lego- und Daten- Nerd an Datensätze von Rebrickable setzt, könnt Ihr im sehr ausführlichen Blogpost beim Mode Blog bestaunen. Joel Carron analysiert Lego Bausätze der letzten 67 Jahre unter anderem nach Größe/Umfang, Farbe und wie diese thematisch verbunden sind.