Wie gehe ich mit Datenproblemen um, und wie löse ich sie?

As a reporter your world is full of data. And those data are full of problems. This guide presents thorough descriptions and possible solutions to many of the kinds of problems that you will encounter when working with data.

Most of these problems can be solved. Some of them can’t be solved and that means you should not use the data. Others can’t be solved, but with precautions you can continue using the data. In order to allow for these ambiguities, this guide is organized by who is best equipped to solve the problem: you, your source, an expert, etc. In the description of each problem you may also find suggestions for what to do if that person can’t help you.
— Quartz

Es gibt zahlreiche Probleme, die man mit Daten haben kann. Für viele Situationen bietet diese Richtlinie Lösungen und Herangehensweisen an.