One Dataset, Visualized 25 Ways

Nathan Yau:

>> Let the data speak.<< It’s a common saying for chart design. The premise — strip out the bits that don’t help patterns in your data emerge — is fine, but people often misinterpret the mantra to mean that they should make a stripped down chart and let the data take it from there.

You have to guide the conversation though. You must help the data focus and get to the point. Otherwise, it just ends up rambling about what it had for breakfast this morning and how the coffee wasn’t hot enough.


Nathan Yau hat dasselbe Datenset in 25 verschiedenen Varianten visualisiert. Im Artikel geht er darauf ein, dass die jeweiligen Darstellungen unterschiedliche Botschaften und Aussagen transportieren. Er gibt dann konkrete Hilfestellung, wie man die Botschaft herausarbeiten kann.