Die größten Skigebiete pro Kontinent

Each ski area is defined by something like an alpha shape, calculated over all the lifts and slopes. Each “alpha shape” -like area is calculated by first creating a Delaunay triangulation of all ski lift and slope waypoints. Every triangle which has a side greater than 1km is then removed. The result is a set of disconnected shapes all composed of multiple triangles. Each aggregation of triangles is what I consider a ski area.
— @pkerpedjiev
Quelle:  Empty Pipes

Quelle: Empty Pipes

Passend zum Wintereinbruch eine schöne, interaktive Visualisierung der größten Skigebiete pro Kontinent. Sehr interessant ist auch das beschriebene Vorgehen um die Grafiken in d3.js und leaflet zu erstellen.