D3js Version von Stephen Fews Dashboard

Stephen Few hat zusammen mit Robert Monfera eine interaktive D3js Version seines Studenten Dashboards erstellt. Die Daten stammen aus einem Design Wettbewerb, der im Jahr 2012 stattfand. Besonders wichtig fand ich die folgende Aussage zur interaktiven Spaltensortierung in Dashboards, die sich jeder merken sollte:

When I introduced my version of the Student Performance Dashboard, which appears in the second edition of my book Information Dashboard Design, I acknowledged that the ability to sort the rows of student information in various ways could be useful. However, I suggested that this should be implemented in a way that always automatically reverts back to the original sort order immediately after viewing the data. This is because dashboards will only work for rapid performance monitoring if they present the data in the same manner from day to day, without alteration. Otherwise, people will never learn to use them rapidly because of the disorientation that is caused when anything other than the data changes, including the way in which items are sorted.
— Stephen Few